What Problems does FarmerUnite solves?

 FarmerUnite is uniting the farmer community, in relation to building a stronger supply chain and increasing both the producer’s and customers’ around the world, satisfaction

The software FarmerUnite is focused on resolving agricultural problems including: Product quality control and certification, Lack of machinery and resources, Analyzes external risks, Gives opportunity for cooperation, Optimize the weakest processes, Controlling waste management, Ability of information sharing, Reaching high quality markets, Logistics arrangements, Production records, prevents the lack of work with job seeking feature and compliance monitoring. 

If you recognized the problems of your own business in these lines, then we have a common goal. To resolve it. 

We are working hard to carry out solutions for you, with the help of the blockchain technology. The blockchain gives us the opportunity to deliver you the most transparent system, which will increase not only your trust as allowing you to track each step of the whole supply chain, but also your customer’s trust. 

We are collecting all the needed technology in one application, to optimize your work, to protect your data and ease your work in the best possible way. We don’t want you to worry, we want you to love what you do and the FarmerUnite is all you need.