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What we aim for?

Farmer Unite is an application, built to meet  all farmer’s needs. Including, certification of their products, Financing, Machienary borrowing, Market for their goods, Transport solutions, Forecasting weather tools for managing water waste,  Employment and much more.

The aim of FarmerUnite is to unite the farmers and give them the ability to get in the upstream of the food supply chain in transparent and sustainable way. Also, supply them with solutions built in the matter of their main problems.

How can we help you?

Improving Trust

Optimize data collection

Provide prove of the truth

Increases the quality of services and goods

All in one

Farmer Management

Knowkedge transfer

Harvest Collection

Gathering offline data

Track and Trace


Crop Management

Blockchain technology based

Seed Management


StreamUP is an innovative blockchain-based platform, which ensures the best possible transparency. StreamUP platform makes it possible for farmers to get in touch with their customers, wherever they are in the world. These customers can buy products directly from the farmer through the built-in online store. The features of the app also include the possibility of adding friends as a social network and knowledge exchange. These could be farmers, people who are willing to buy or learn about the crops, or specialists in the area of agriculture, with whom the farmers can exchange information. The platform, is also built to observe and analyze environmental information and bio-diversity related to the SDGs.